By attending an event, you agree to abide by all terms in this document, and any requests made by Relief LANs admins on the day.

Failure to comply with the terms may result in network access being denied, or ejection from the venue.
We reserve the right to refuse entry, and to eject people from the event.
If an attendee fails to leave the venue when asked, or uses threats or violence, onsite security or the police may be called to remove the person.
Entry to an event is at the attendee's own risk. In entering the venue the entrant accepts this risk. Relief LANs takes no responsibility for any loss, damage or personal injury incurred whilst at the event, or on and around the premises.
You may be photographed at ReliefLANS events. You agree to allow ReliefLANS to use photographs taken for marketing purposes, such as on our website or Facebook page. If you do not wish your photo to be used, please inform an admin at the registration table.
General LAN conditions:
You accept responsibility for any and all equipment you bring to an event.
If you don't own it, don't touch it. If you do, you may be held accountable for the resulting damage.
Aggression shown towards other attendees, admins or members of the general public will result in your removal from the event, and police may be contacted.
Repeated crude behaviour including swearing and rage-quitting will be seen as grounds for ejection.
Do not cheat, in any way shape or form. It ruins the game for everyone.
The entry fee entitles attendees to one half of a table; and to bring one PC and/or one Console; one screen; and the necessary peripherals and accessories required.
Relief LANs will supply one network port and two power sockets per entry fee.
You will not attempt to gain unauthorised access to any information system at the event.
You will not use the network for sharing files which you are not licenced to share. We do not support software or media piracy.
You will not attempt to use the internet connection to transfer unreasonably large amounts of data (more than 10GB), or data which is not gaming related (e.g. torrent seeding, downloading a tv series). We may shape your internet connection to manage our connection bandwidth and ensure a reliable connection for all.
Please update your games/computer/console before you attend; the update is likely to be much faster at home.
Your Personal Information:
By registering for the event, you authorise ReliefLANs to contact you through your provided phone number and email address with information relevant to the event, as well as through email for a post-event survey and information about future events. You can unsubscribe by replying with the message "unsubscribe" at any time, or by following a provided unsubscription link.
During an event, we may monitor network traffic to ensure network performance and ensure that what is being accessed is legal. No data passing through the network is stored after the event, except when a breach of these terms is detected and the limited case of certain Steam broadcasts.
ReliefLANS may store data broadcast by Steam on the network which informs us of your Steam username and the games you are currently playing. We will only use this information to assist us in assessing which games are popular and have organically grown. You can opt out of this collection by turning off the In-Home Streaming feature in Steam.
Banned Items:
Illicit drugs of any kind
Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the premises; go outside if you need to light up.
Any form of weapon; including, but not limited to physical, software based.
R18+ Rated content; including, but not limited to games and movies.
Overnight events:
If you are under 18, you will not be allowed to leave the building without a guardian after 11pm. You can leave again at 8am.
Attendees staying overnight will need to provide their mobile number to admins, as well as an emergency contact number.
If an attendee leaves the premises, they will need to sign out at the registration desk, and sign in again when they return.
Borrowing Equipment:
At some Relief LANs events, sponsors may make available ‘loaner’ equipment; including, but not limited to headsets.
To be eligible to borrow equipment, attendees will need to supply identification in the form of a valid Driver’s Licence, or equivalent.
Attendees under the age of 16 will need a parent/guardian to provide parental/guardian consent for using the equipment.
Attendees assume all liability for the equipment and will be held accountable if the equipment is lost or damaged.
You agree to indemnify Relief LANs, the organisers, and the sponsors of any damage caused by this equipment.