Event details

Each LAN has, by and large, the same structure; a few tournaments, lots of ad hoc games, and lunch or dinner.

St John's Diamond Creek is where all our LANs are held. It has overnight parking and airconditioning. We can currently seat 60 people.

The essentials you should bring to our LANs are:

  • Your PC / Xbox One / PS4 / Wii / Wii U / SNES / N64. We emphasise PC and XBOX, but other consoles are welcome - bring a few friends!
  • Your games (see the event page for competitions). Make sure they are up to date!
  • One screen (not larger than 32")
  • A power board if you need more than two outlets.
  • Cash for drinks, snacks etc.
  • For overnight events: A pillow, sleeping bag and blanket. We offer a limited amount of sleeping area. The sleeping area is not heated though, so it can become a cold - bring a blanket!


Name Date Target Money Raised
Winter LAN 2018 14/7/2018 Homelessness
LanTeen 2018 6-7/4/2018 CanTeen $643
Jan LAN 2018 19-20/1/2018 Free Event Free
The Grand Salvo 28-30/9/2017 The Salvation Army $1658
Winter LAN 14-15/7/2017 Launch Housing $965
LanTeen 2017 21-22/4/2017 CanTeen $972
Jan LAN 2017 for Royal Flying Doctors Service 26-28/1/2017 Royal Flying Doctors Service $1342
Giving Directly 30/9/2016 Give Directly $1024
A Cause for Paws 8-9/7/2016 Lort Smith Animal Hospital $981 + $981 matched by donor
LanTeen 2016 8-9/4/2016 CanTeen $1160
Jan LAN 2016 15-16/1/2016 ReliefLANs $1100
ReliefLANs: Refuge 25-26/9/2015 Asylum Seeker Resource Centre $900
Camp Out 10-11/7/2015 Breakaway Camps $900
LanTeen '15 10-11/4/2015 CanTeen $554
Smith Family LAN 23-24/1/2015 The Smith Family $820
Relief LANs MND 3-4/10/2014 MND Australia $750
Relief LANs Lite 12/7/2014 ReliefLANs $500
LanTeen '14 Overnight LAN 11-12/4/2014 Teen Cancer $1100
Save The Children Overnight LAN 27-28/9/2013 Save The Children $919
Oklahoma 29/6/2013 Oklahoma Tornado Rebuilding Effort $600
LANTeen 13 6/4/2013 Teen Cancer $910
Kids Under Cover 29/9/2012 Youth Homelessness $560
Catapult Cancer 14/04/2012 Teen Cancer $909
Fight the Famine 10/12/2011 East Africa Famine $735
Fight for Japan 02/07/2011 Japan earthquake $800
Flood Relief Lan 12/02/2011 Queensland Floods $300
Bushfire Relief Lan 01/04/2009 Victorian Bushfires $550


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