About Relief LANS

Relief LANS are a non-for profit group that specialise in running electronic e-sports events with the purpose of raising money for areas affected by natural disaster or conflict. Money is raised through charging admission fees to all players who wish to attend, as well as through non-complementary food, drinks and equipment. 90% of the money raised goes directly to the fund chosen for the event.

The people

Andrew Barras - Founder

Andrew has had over 2 years in the video games industry and know what people like, and what they don't. This combined with his passion for helping people brought him to create 'Relief LANS'. With a great sense of fun and strong moral compass, Andrew is the perfect manager for Relief LANS to ensure every decision is to help those in need.

Josh Collins - Technical Director

An electrical engineer, computer scientist and avid PC gamer, Josh makes sure our web, power and network infrastructure performs at it's best, so that ReliefLANS can host a drop out and lag-free event. He's interested in sustainable development - helping communities avoid further disasters and improve their practices.

Daniel Bamford - Media Director

Daniel loves making things look great. He has a passion for video and puts his life and soul into every project he's involved in. His expertise is put to use in our promotional videos, and live streams. In 2017, Daniel was nominated for Young Citizen of the Year in the City of Whittlesea, for his work with Relief LANS.

Contact us

If you like what we do, if you want to help, if you think we can help you, then shoot us an email using the links below. We value your feedback, and will strive to reply to each and every email we receive.

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